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Portfolio Management

Deeply invested in ensuring the long-term sustainability of affordable housing communities

Our comprehensive Portfolio Management services are at the heart of this commitment and embody a suite of strategies and practices dedicated to the stewardship of every affordable housing community in the HFA portfolio.

Our approach is multifaceted, designed to safeguard the financial stability, physical integrity, and regulatory adherence of each community. We focus on both the fiscal health and physical well-being of our communities to ensure they continue to serve as quality homes for all residents.  We work in partnership with our third-party management partners to ensure that communities are maintained in accordance with HFA’s high standards, providing high-quality, sustainable, affordable housing for the long term.

HFA has developed over 80 communities with more than 6,500 apartments, with a current portfolio of approximately 5,000 units.

Comprehensive Planning and Oversight

Portfolio Management begins with rigorous planning and oversight of both the fiscal and physical dimensions of our communities. This dual focus ensures that each community is not only financially viable but also maintained to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Strategic Financial Stewardship

The Portfolio Management team is pivotal in overseeing significant financial transactions, such as refinancing and repositioning, to enhance the physical state of properties and bolster their financial performance. This strategic financial oversight extends to managing all aspects of property finances, including the approval of annual operating budgets, annual audits, risk analysis, occupancy monitoring, and monthly financial reviews.

Collaborative Enhancement Efforts

In alignment with our holistic approach, the Portfolio Management team works closely with the Service Enhanced Housing team to integrate and enhance service programming at the property level. This collaboration ensures that our communities offer more than just housing, providing programs and services that enrich the lives of our residents.

Through our comprehensive Portfolio Management services, Homes for America not only aims to maintain the operational excellence of our communities but also to foster environments where residents can thrive. Our strategic initiatives and dedicated teams work in unison to ensure that every HFA community remains a place of opportunity, stability, and growth for years to come.

Focus on Sustainability

The Portfolio Management team is a key driver of Homes for America’s focus on environmental sustainability.  The team tracks utility data across the portfolio and plans for and oversees capital projects at our communities to improve energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and reduce water usage.  These strategies contribute to the fight against climate change, reduce operating expenses and reduce utility costs for residents. 


Centralized Coordination for Peak Performance

As the cornerstone of our Portfolio Management services, HFA acts as the central hub for all stabilized assets, streamlining communication and ensuring cohesive strategy implementation across our portfolio. We rigorously monitor and guide the execution of business plans for each community, setting and maintaining high-performance standards to maximize their potential.

With our comprehensive Portfolio Management services, Homes for America continues to fulfill its mission of providing affordable, quality housing, underpinning the stability and success of our communities and the long term well-being of residents.

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