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Communities for People

Join us in building dreams and making homes come true. Together, we can make affordable housing a reality for all.

At Homes for America, we believe in the power of community, the importance of affordable housing, and the transformative impact of partnerships. As a nonprofit affordable housing developer, our mission is to make safe and affordable homes accessible to those in need. We understand that a home is more than just shelter; it’s the foundation for a brighter future.

Thirty years of experience and Counting

Homes for America builds from our thirty year track record of developing a wide range of housing from urban to suburban to rural communities. Our team has experience in new construction, adaptive reuse and in-place renovations. And we utilize our in depth knowledge of complex financing tools including 9% and 4% tax credits; Federal programs such as HOME, CDBG, HUD 202 and 811, USDA and Capital Magnet Fund; and a wide array of state and local loan and subsidy programs. With our strong track record and staff expertise, we are a sought after developer partner of many financing partners.

Our Collaborative Approach: Partnerships that Make a Difference

At the heart of our success lies our commitment to collaboration. Homes for America proudly works both independently and in joint venture partnerships to amplify the impact of our efforts. By joining forces with other industry leaders and partners, we enhance our ability to address the complex challenges of affordable housing development, ensuring that every community contributes to the well-being of residents, putting people first.

The Visionaries: Our Development Team

Behind every successful community is a dedicated and passionate team of professionals and we’re pioneering the future of affordable housing with our team at the helm. Our development team isn’t just a group of powerhouse individuals; it’s a collective force of expertise, dedication, and visionary leadership committed to making a tangible difference in communities across the mid-Atlantic. They are comprised of visionaries who bring years of expertise in affordable housing, urban planning, architecture, and community development to every community, putting people first. With a shared commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive housing solutions, they work tirelessly to turn dreams of affordable homes into reality. Together, they’re not just developing properties; They’re shaping the future of affordable housing.

This dynamic team is the driving force behind our mission, embodying our commitment to not just build homes, but to create sustainable, green or environmentally responsible communities that thrive and make homes come true for individuals and families.

Building Together: Our Diverse Partnerships

At Homes for America, we understand the strength that lies in collaboration, and partnerships are at the core of our success. More than 60 percent of our communities have been developed in tandem with dedicated partners who share our vision for affordable housing. Our approach to partnerships is rooted in trust, shared goals, and a commitment to making a lasting impact on communities nationwide.

Ecumenical Partnerships: A Collective Vision for Inclusivity

In our ecumenical partnerships, Homes for America collaborates with a diverse range of religious organizations and faith-based groups. By uniting with these partners, we create inclusive communities that reflect the values of compassion, unity, and diversity. Together, we work towards the common goal of providing affordable housing solutions that transcend boundaries and foster a sense of belonging for all. Here are a few of our Ecumenical partners:

For-profit Collaborations: Balancing Purpose and Profit

Homes for America is proud to engage in joint venture partnerships with for-profit developers who share our commitment to social responsibility. These collaborations harness the strengths of both nonprofit and for-profit entities, ensuring the financial viability of our communities while maintaining a steadfast dedication to our mission. By working together, we amplify our impact and create sustainable housing solutions that stand the test of time. Here are a few of our For-Profit partners:

Non-Profit Alliances: Strengthening Missions, Expanding Reach

We actively seek partnerships with other nonprofit organizations that possess a compelling mission and share our goals to create affordable housing communities but may require additional expertise and financial support for a community. As a managing partner, Homes for America ensures that our shared communities meet the highest standards and align with our mission. These partnerships empower other nonprofits to extend their reach, delivering essential housing solutions to those who need it most. Some of our nonprofit partners include:

Housing Authority Collaborations: Bridging Gaps, Building Communities

Our collaborations with housing authorities are pivotal in addressing the needs of vulnerable populations. By partnering with these entities, Homes for America plays a crucial role in bridging gaps in housing accessibility. Our expertise in development, combined with the local insights of housing authorities, results in well-planned communities that cater to the unique needs of residents, creating a lasting impact on the neighborhoods we serve. We’ve worked with public housing authorities in:

In every partnership, Homes for America ensures a shared sense of ownership, active involvement in community development, and a commitment to the highest standards of excellence. We welcome the opportunity to explore new and innovative communities with both familiar and new partners, as we collectively strive to make affordable housing a reality for everyone. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please reach out.
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