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Our Work

Homes for America is driving change and making homes come true for thousands of individuals and families across a quad-state area including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

At Homes for America, we stand as one of the region’s foremost nonprofit affordable housing developers and advocates. Our mission revolves around cultivating a more equitable world where communities thrive, and individuals can realize their fullest potential, becoming the best versions of themselves with accessible, service-enhanced, stable, safe, and affordable homes that contribute to a high-quality life.

A home is more than just shelter; it’s the foundation for a brighter future.

Affordable Housing Development

Whether renovating existing properties or spearheading the development of new affordable rental homes, Homes for America is committed to fostering dynamic partnerships, innovative vision, and environmental sustainability. Our team combines deep expertise in housing finance with dedication to resident-centered design and development.

Our Portfolio of Communities and Projects

As one of the region’s most experienced nonprofit affordable housing developers, Homes for America oversees a diverse portfolio of communities. From affordable housing for families and seniors to accommodations for individuals with special needs, each endeavor reflects our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Service-Enhanced Housing

We believe in empowering residents to thrive by enhancing communities with comprehensive services and resources tailored to their needs. From health and wellness initiatives to after-school programs and financial stability resources, our Service Enhanced Housing program supports all residents in achieving their full potential.

Widely Recognized and Sought-After Expertise

Our expertise in affordable housing development has earned widespread recognition, earning HFA countless awards and setting a standard of excellence within the affordable housing industry. With highly qualified development, finance and resident services teams, we take pride in creating attractive, sustainable affordable housing communities.

As leaders in the field, HFA is frequently sought after for insights on the trends and issues shaping the affordable housing industry. Our deep understanding of the nuanced challenges facing affordable housing, combined with our innovative solutions and commitment to excellence, positions us as trusted advisors in housing policy.

With a track record of successful projects and communities, Homes for America serves as a catalyst for positive change, driving forward affordable housing initiatives that address the pressing needs of its communities. Our collaborative approach, coupled with our unwavering dedication to equitable housing opportunities, has cemented our position as a key influencer in shaping the future of affordable housing policy and practice.

At Homes for America, our mission extends beyond building structures; we are dedicated to making homes come true in communities where every individual has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves and thrive every day with stability.

Homes for America