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Communities Come True

Welcome to the heart of Homes for America’s impact – Our Communities.

As a nonprofit affordable housing developer committed to addressing the growing need for safe, high-quality, affordable homes across the mid-Atlantic region and beyond, our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a place to call home where they can be the best versions of themselves and live their best lives.

Building upon our rich legacy, we have developed and continue to own a diverse array of affordable rental communities.

Our reach extends across small towns, suburban areas, and bustling cities, as we strive to meet the housing challenges faced by millions of Americans, including older adults, families, single households, and persons with disabilities.

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On this page, organized by state and region, we proudly showcase this comprehensive list of the communities. These are all communities which Homes for America has made a reality by or through:

Development icon


through new construction.

Financing or funding collaborations icon

Financing or funding collaborations

with private lenders and investors, state housing agencies, federal agencies and local governments.

Preservation through rehabilitation

Preservation through rehabilitation,

addressing critical health and safety issues, modernizing apartments and ensuring the sustainability of existing properties.

adaptive reuse of vacant buildings or structures

adaptive reuse of vacant buildings or structures

to create a thriving affordable rental community.

Serving them with essential services

Serving them with essential services

Where you can be your best self and live your best life.

Explore these communities or search to find one in your area to see first-hand how affordable housing is not just sticks and bricks, but a catalyst for building thriving communities where every resident can lead a fulfilling and empowered life.

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Common features of our communities include:

Generous amounts of additional common spaces, rooms and facilities for resident services and activities.

Professionally managed properties that provide consistent and reliable daily operational support.

Close oversight from Homes for America staff members on all of the property operations.

Resident Services guided by those who live there to ensure that Homes for America communities are among the very best places to live where all residents can enjoy happy, fulfilling lives.

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